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We offer a large choice of natural stones including marble, granite, onyx and travertine. Our stones are available in various colour and format options.

Manifold advantages of the natural stone as a building material make it possible to apply it in many ways in house and industrial building.

Thanks to the abrasion and variable weather conditions resistance granite gives innumerable possibilities for its application to exterior elements arrangement. It is also used as material for kitchen countertops and vanity tops, windowsills, floors, wall cladding, and many other purposes.

Delicacy and uniqueness of marble make it perfect for arranging luxury bathrooms, decorative elements, fireplaces and internal windowsills. Onyx, the most exclusive of all stones, when illuminated turns into a unique painting.


We offer a wide selection of natural stones


This type of rock was created as a result of transformations of limestone rocks. Marble is a very valuable decorative and building stone. It comes in different colors: white, cream, red, and black.


This is a variation of chalcedony with a parallel arrangement of layers, alternating white and black. In the masonry under the name of onyx there are laminated limestone rocks built almost entirely of transparent aragonite or calcite.


Granite is a rock commonly found in the Earth’s crust. natural stone, is a deep magma rock. The granite consists of orthoclase, plagioclase, quartz, black mica – biotite and a number of other minerals.


In terms of usable features and composition, these rocks belong to the group of “marbles”. They also contain carbonate minerals, which determine their lower hardness and homogeneity of structures.

Quartz conglomerate

It is a modern material – a high quality quartz conglomerate that combines natural materials bonded to each other and processed using the latest technology. Material consists of 95% natural materials – mainly from quartz and granite combined with 5% additives.

Granite Tiles

Granite tiles, imported from India, calibrated, frost-resistant, are suitable for use inside and outside the building.

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