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Rabiega Company was established in 1994. Since the very beginning we have been specialising in natural stone-cutting. In order to ensure the best quality of our products our plant was equipped with high-tech machinery. We also managed to establish a cooperation on direct stone import to maintain competitive prices. Our extensive offer ranges from stones imported mainly from India, Brazil, Italy, Portugal and Africa. Our warehouses abound in a variety of stones in a full range of colours which enables big projects realisation and allows for slab wholesale. Our standard offer includes such stonework products as: external and internal windowsills, kitchen countertops and vanity tops, stairs, wall cladding, floors, fireplace elements

Moreover we provide a number of non-standard custom-made works done according to the Client’s individual project. We are also happy to offer our assistance in interior design.


We offer a wide selection of natural stones


This type of rock was created as a result of transformations of limestone rocks. Marble is a very valuable decorative and building stone. It comes in different colors: white, cream, red, and black.


This is a variation of chalcedony with a parallel arrangement of layers, alternating white and black. In the masonry under the name of onyx there are laminated limestone rocks built almost entirely of transparent aragonite or calcite.


Granite is a rock commonly found in the Earth’s crust. natural stone, is a deep magma rock. The granite consists of orthoclase, plagioclase, quartz, black mica – biotite and a number of other minerals.


In terms of usable features and composition, these rocks belong to the group of “marbles”. They also contain carbonate minerals, which determine their lower hardness and homogeneity of structures.


Company Rabiega

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The stock of various types of stone in the entire range of colors allows us to implement large projects, as well as wholesale sales of boards.

Our standard offer includes such products as: external and internal window sills, kitchen and bathroom countertops, stairs, elevations, floors, fireplace elements.

We also carry out a number of non-standard works according to your project and at the same time we offer our help in interior design.

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